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Android Apprentice Book Now Updated for Kotlin 1.3!

Our book for complete Android-development beginners, Android Apprentice, is now updated to Android Studio 3.3 and Kotlin 1.3!

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We’re excited to announce that our flagship Android book — Android Apprentice — is now updated for Android Studio 3.3 and Kotlin 1.3. And, for the next week, you can snag this book for $10 off!

Read on to learn:

  • More about Android Apprentice
  • What’s new in this edition of the book
  • About the authors
  • How you can get your own copy!
  • About Android Apprentice

    Android Apprentice, 2nd ed. is our book for complete beginners to Android development. Anyone with prior programming experience — like Swift or Java — will get quickly up-to-speed with Android development. And this book is written in Kotlin, the modern, first-class language for Android developers.

    Android Apprentice, 2nd ed. will show you how to build four complete Android apps from scratch:

    • Timefighter: You’ll get started with Android development by creating a game with a simple goal: tap a button as fast as you can, within a set time limit.
    • CheckList: Next, make a simple TODO app with multiple lists. Along the way, learn about layout managers, activities, saving data, and notifications.
    • PlaceBook: The third app you’ll make will keep track of your favorite places with photos and maps. Through this, you’ll learn about Google Play services, Room, Google Maps API, and working with photos.
    • PodPlay: You’ll round out the book by building a podcast manager with a built-in media player. You’ll cover Android networking, job scheduling, media browser, notifications, and media playback.

    The PlaceBook app project will teach you Material Design, a design language that aims to standardize how a user interacts with an app. Card dependencies create an attractive user experience!

    Android Apprentice, 2nd ed. is 100% complete and is available today — and it’s on sale until Wednesday, May 22!

    What’s New in This Edition?

    Android Apprentice, 2nd ed. has been updated to Android Studio 3.3 and Kotlin 1.3.

    What’s more, we’ve heard your feedback on digging in a little deeper on some key topics and have expanded content to help you build and deploy your apps with more ease. It also contains:

    • Updated support libraries, Google Play, Lifecycle, Room and others.
    • Updated code and instruction for the new Mapping SDK.
    • Updated content on how to deploy your app to Google Play.

    Android Apprentice Authors

    You’re in good hands with our seasoned Android Apprentice authors:

    Darryl Bayliss is a Software Engineer from Liverpool, currently focusing on Mobile Development. Away from programming he is usually reading, writing on his blog or playing some fantastical video game involving magic and dragons.

    Tom Blankenship has been addicted to coding since he was a young teenager, writing his first programs on Atari home computers. He currently runs his own software development company focused on native iOS and Android app development. He enjoys playing tennis, guitar, and drums, and spending time with his wife and two children.

    Namrata Bandekar is a Software Engineer focusing on native Android and iOS development. When she’s not developing apps, she enjoys spending her time traveling the world with her husband, SCUBA diving and hiking with her dog. She has also spoken at a number of international conferences on mobile development.

    Fuad Kamal provides mobile strategy, architecture and development for the Health & Fitness markets. If you’ve ever been to an airport, you’ve likely seen his work — the flight arrival and departure screens are a Flash 7 interface he wrote towards the beginning of the millennium.

    Where to Go From Here?

    Android Apprentice, 2nd ed. is available today, in full release and is nearly 700 pages of essential tutorial-style content to jumpstart your Android-development app skills!

    Remember, when you purchase this book, you get the digital PDF, e-pub, source code and project files, and free updates!

    • If you’ve already bought the Android Apprentice digital edition, you can log in to the store and download the updated version, here.
    • If you haven’t already bought this must-have addition to your development library, head over to our store page by Wednesday, May 22, to grab your copy at our special launch discount of just $49.99!

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