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Your First Kotlin Android App: Polishing the App
Part 1: Build Out the App Introduction
— Android & Kotlin

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Prerequisite include successful completion of the previous course “Your First Kotlin Android App: An App from Scratch” or have equivalent knowledge of the topics covered there.

Get introduced to the course and learn about what you’ll be making in this course

  • Finishing off the Bull’s Eye app from the first course.


Welcome to “Your First Kotlin Android App: Polishing the App.” This course picks up right where we left off in the first course in our learning path: “Your First Kotlin Android App: An App From Scratch.”

So make sure you watch that course first if you havent already.

In this course we’re going to the transform the app from the way it looks on the upper left to the way it looks on the lower right. Quite a big difference, isn’t it?

To accomplish this, we’ll be working through the nice to haves in our programming todo list that we made in the previous course.

Which are to:

  • Implement multiple rounds
  • Implement restarting the game
  • Make the app look pretty :]
  • Add the about screen

Along the way you’ll learn about more android fundamentals like working with colors, styles and themes. You’ll learn about designing for different device orientations, adding app icons, splash screens and so much more.

Not only will the app look much better but your code will be much cleaner and maintainable. You’ll learn how to eliminate code smells which is having repeated code in multiple places. You’ll do this by learning how to refactor your code to be reusable.

By the end of this course, you wont just have the first android app you created but you will have created a polished app that has all the components of a complete android app.

Your app will have a custom design, app icon, splash screen and other items that makes it qualify as a professional app.

I know you’re ready to dive in so let’s get started.