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Create the Activity Detail Screen Pro

This video was last updated on Aug 30 2022

In this lesson you will create the Activity Detail screen that allows users to insert a new activity and update an existing one.


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Now you will create the screen that allows users to insert a new activity and update an existing one.

ActivityScreen(this.activity, {Key? key}) : super(key: key); 
  final Activity activity; 
final TextEditingController txtDescription = TextEditingController(); 
final TextEditingController txtDay = TextEditingController(); 
final TextEditingController txtBeginTime = TextEditingController(); 
final TextEditingController txtEndTime = TextEditingController(); 
final helper = FirebaseHelper(); 
class ActivityTextField extends StatelessWidget { 
  const ActivityTextField(this.label, this.controller, {Key? key}) 
      : super(key: key); 
  final String label; 
  final TextEditingController controller; 

  Widget build(BuildContext context) { 
    return Padding( 
      padding: const EdgeInsets.all(16.0), 
      child: TextField( 
        controller: controller, 
        decoration: InputDecoration( 
            border: const OutlineInputBorder(), 
            hintText: label, 
            labelText: label), 
List<ActivityTextField> controls = []; 
controls = [ 
      ActivityTextField('Description', txtDescription), 
      ActivityTextField('Date', txtDay), 
      ActivityTextField('Begin', txtBeginTime), 
      ActivityTextField('End', txtEndTime), 
txtDescription.text = widget.activity.description; 
txtDay.text =; 
txtBeginTime.text = widget.activity.beginTime; 
txtEndTime.text = widget.activity.endTime; 
  itemCount: controls.length, 
  itemBuilder: (context, position) { 
    return Card( 
      child: controls[position],