Readers’ App Reviews – January 2013

Ryan Poolos
Check out apps made by fellow readers!

More great apps from fellow readers!

This is a post by Reader’s Apps Reviewer Ryan Poolos, an iOS Developer and founder of Frozen Fire Studios. Check out his latest game, Cyborg Livestock.

Time to start the new year off right with a ton of awesome apps from readers like you! :]

To start off 2013, we’ve got:

  • Some really unique puzzle games to keep your brain busy
  • An incredible drawing app that will blow your mind
  • Several games kids are going to love
  • And much more!

Here we go again!

Science vs Magic HD

Science vs Magic is a great collection of two player minigames.

Each game is played on one device, splitscreen. They are all fast paced and very addictive. From Rock-Paper-Scissors, to drag and dodge, to platformers. This is app is packed full of fun games.

The animations are awesome. Kids would definitely love going head to head and this app will let you have fun with only one iPad!


Tired of lame Farmville and looking to get your crop managing fix elsewhere? Look no further!

Sprinkfield is an awesome puzzle game where your main goal is to water crops. But you have limited water and can only water them in certain groups and directions. Obstacles from rocks to scarecrows get in the way whenever they can.

There are truly unique interactions in this game and it’s extremely addictive. There are tons of puzzles to keep you busy!

Team Penguin Dash

Have you ever been really hungry, but the fish you wanted to eat was out of reach? Gosh I hate that too.

Team Penguin Dash is a fun puzzle game focused on getting to your fish. But you’re on slippery ice and need the help of obstacles to stop you once you start sliding. Figure out the best way to get your fish in the least number of swipes.

There are over 150 levels of penguin sliding fun! :]

Mega Builder

It is time to get your construction on!

Mega Builder lets you control a giant crane right on your iPhone while you pick up and drop pieces of buildings into place. Each level has a new set of pieces and design you need to create. The more accurate you build the design, the more points you’ll get.

Building skyscrapers has never seemed so easy!

FBI Workout

Looking to get buff? What about FBI Buff? Step aside, Jack Bauer! :]

FBI Workout is stuffed with incredible resources to get you in shape. It starts with a 7 week workout plan designed to prepare you for Police Academy. There are over 35 videos in the app showing you how to do each exercise. Exercise reminders, timers, PT scoring, nutrition information, and more.

IF you’re looking to get into law enforcement, this app is defintely well worth it. But if you’re just looking to get in shape, this app is still definitely going to help.

Hang Your Friends

Hang Your Friends is an awesome turn based Hangman game taking full advantage of GameCenter.

You and an opponent take turns choosing a word for eachother to guess. There are hilarious animations where a little man sets up his own demise as you fail to guess the word.

The most beautifully implemented hangman game I’ve seen on iOS.

Connect & Pop

Connect & Pop is an excellent rendition of Connect Four.

It has a twist of course! While playing in Pop mode, instead of only being able to drop your pieces in from the top, you can also slide any of your pieces at the very bottom out. This makes for some interesting new strategies.

GameCenter multiplayer and a wide range of achievements round out this excellent game.

Aadu-Puli Attam

What do tigers and goats have in common? Well besides the food chain, they’re also both part of an awesome strategy game!

Aadu-Puli Attam is new to me but I’m already addicted. One player controls 3 tigers, while the other player controls 15 goats. Tigers can jump over goats one at a time in a straight line. While goats can blockade tigers if they surround them with more then one goat on each side.

Its a race to victory. Either the tigers are all gridlocked or the goats become tiger food.

Head-to-Head GameCenter multiplayer and challenging single player round out this unique game.


Amaziograph is an incredible drawing application with some truly unique features.

For starters it is capable of turning on symmetry templates that turn your simple drawings into complex works of art. With six different types you’ve got quite a few options. But even better, in the middle of drawing you can change out templates and continue layering on new drawings.

It has all the things you’d expect from brush sizes, to colors, to opacity, and more. You can change the center of symmetry and its intensity. This is certainly one of the coolest drawing apps I’ve seen. It should keep anyone busy for hours.


Spelling has never been so challenging.

Wordphy is a word building game where letters are dropped onto the screen and bounce around until you use them. If the screen fills up you lose! So you better start finding some words fast.

The game features single player and GameCenter Multiplayer. There are also more than 60 GameCenter achievements to earn along the way.


LifeNote will help you keep all your notes in one place.

Your notes can have text, photos, audio, locations, videos, dates, deadlines, and more. You can sort your notes however you want. Look at your notes on a calendar or a map. Even give your notes reminders and turn them into a todo list item.

The LifeNote database is iTunes backup compatible so you can sync up with iTunes anytime to backup.

Ashlad and the Troll’s Silver Ducks HD

Illustrated fairytales have never looked and sounded so good.

Aslad and the Troll’s Silver Ducks is based on the Norwegian folklore and fairytales by Asbjørnsen and Moe. This app brings them to life in a beautifully crafted experience with hundreds of hand made illustrations animated page by page. There is a full narration track that reads along with the text on the screen.

And excellent original soundtrack is included as well. You can even tap around on the pages for a few surprises. Kids will definitely enjoy this app and can learn to read thanks to the highlighted text.

Nuketastic Chickens

Have you ever had a nightmare about Radioactive chickens taking over the world? Me too!

Nuketastic Chickens brings our greatest fear to life, radioactive chickens are taking over and its up to Afro Jed to stop them! Don’t worry though you arsenal of rocks, nuclear yams, and tennis balls should be more than enough to stop the less than crispy chickens.

101 levels of world saving awesomeness await you and your afro of justice!


I think warranties are one of the things we all lose or forget. Warranty List can help.

WarrantyList provides a one stop place for you to stop all your warranty information including serial numbers, expiration dates, pictures, and more. It can notify you when a warranty is close to expiring so you can get that last minute repair in.

iSpotPro for KIDS

iSpotPro for Kids is a great iPad app for kids of any age.

It offers 35 beautiful scenes in common real life locations. Kids can easily tap on the pictures where they think something is missing.

There are rewards and motivators for kids as well as an easy to use hint system that shows a region without pointing out the exact difference.

The analytical gameplay for children is certain work their tiny brains. :]

Honorable Mentions

Here are the apps that didn’t get reviewed. Remember it wasn’t a popularity contest or even a rating contest. Forum members got priority among other factors. Your apps were great and I’m sorry we didn’t have time to review them all!



Soccer Virtual Cup

Formula Nova

Fear Garden

About Pets

Photo Album



Freefall Adventure

iGraffiti free



Ant and the Grasshopper

To Bee or not to Bear?

Nearby Places : All Around Me

Camera Motion

Smash Santa

One Word Story

Margin Manager

Slide Unlimited

Aaiy Yoww Gold


Dummy Vs. Zombies

Everyday Christian Prayers

Hexagon Puzzle


Dummy Vs. Zombies


Poker Scribe


Where To Go From Here?

We’re off to a great start this year! Keep up the awesome work everyone. And if you’re reading this thinking, “I wish I could build a great app/game”. You’re in luck! Check out our free tutorials! What are you waiting for, I want to see your app or game next month!

If you’ve already used our tutorials in an awesome app or game, I want to know! Submit here!

This is a post by Reader’s Apps Reviewer Ryan Poolos, an iOS Developer and founder of Frozen Fire Studios. Check out his latest game, Cyborg Livestock.

Ryan Poolos

Ryan Poolos (@EmperiorEric) is currently CEO of Frozen Fire Studios and subsidiary PopArcade. He builds games and apps exclusively for iOS both internally and for clients. His latest game is Hand Prix. His latest App is Atoll. Get in touch for your next great project.

Ryan has 6 years of professional iOS experience alongside 11 years of part time graphic design experience and 8 years of web development experience. Ryan loves everything tech and tries hard to stays up with the latest and greatest.

If you are a reader of this site and you would like your app reviewed, click here!

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