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Challenge: Work with Maps

This video was last updated on May 3 2022

Practice using maps on your own, through a hands-on challenge.


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So at this point, you should feel familiar with maps. So familiar, it’s time for a challenge. In your challenge, I want you to create an RPG character and store the character in a map. Give him the name ‘Ratatast the Smelly’. Give him a strength, intelligence and dexterity. Set his strength to weak, his intelligence to brilliant, and his dexterity to clumsy. Once done, print out his stat values to the screen. Pause the video now and give it a shot.

var character = { 'name': 'Ratatast the Smelly', 'strength': 'weak', 'intelligence': 'brilliant', 'dexterity': 'clumsy' };
  var character = { 
    'name': 'Ratatast the Smelly', 
    'strength': 'weak', 
    'intelligence': 'brilliant', 
    'dexterity': 'clumsy'