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Readers’ App Reviews – May 2013

Check out some great app reviews of apps made by readers of – including an app to disguise yourself, a great github client, and more!


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More great apps by fellow readers!

In the last month, you guys have been hard at work. Once again, my iPhone and iPad have been taken over by Readers’ Apps!

There are some great apps to showcase this month including:

  • An app to help you disguise yourself in your next profile pic
  • Battleship like you’ve never played before
  • An awesome Github client every developer should have
  • And much more!

Keep reading for some app reviews for awesome apps made by your fellow readers!


iOctocat is a Github client for iOS. And I think its found its way into my workflow.

Github is mostly known for its managed repositorys for code and projects. However, Github is unique because it wraps those repositories with commenting, issue tracking, and more. iOctocat helps bring those features to your iPhone or iPad on the go.

iOctocat supports public, private and enterprise accounts and repos. It has support for everything you’d expect like user organizations, Gists, and Push Notifications to name a few.

You can add comments, track and edit issues, accept pull requests, view project files, and more. iOctocat is the most full featured Github client I’ve seen for iOS.


Frogpath is a cute puzzle game that will challenge you through 80 levels of frog hopping fun.

Frogpath gives you a grid of lily pads filled with flies and stars. Your goal is to highlight all the lily pads by jumping on each one only once. But you’ve got to watch out for snakes trying to eat you, and jump around rocks in your way.

You better hurry, the flies aren’t waiting around forever while you try to decide where to hop next.

Crossword Time

Crossword Time brings class crosswords to your iPhone.

I love doing crossword puzzles, so when Crossword Time came across my lap, I knew I’d probably get hooked. Sure enough it sucked up hours of my time.

Crossword Time has a few cool features that make doing crosswords on the iPhone simpler. For one, you have a key added your keyboard that switches advancement from horizontal to vertical so you can type words any direction you choose without having to tape each block between letters. It also offers a list of hints, where you can enter answers as well before returning to the puzzle view to see how your answers cross.

You can also reach out to Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, or Email to ask for help on a particular hint. Which I found to be pretty convenient.

Love Time

Love Time is a date list app to help you remember those important dates with your loved one.

It features a Clear like interface packed with gestures and a clean, minimalist design to help you organize and manage your list of dates. Each date is allowed its own alert frequency and time as well as a description that could be used for a few notes. It even comes equipped with several themes if pink and red aren’t your fancy.


Centurion is an iPad board game reminiscent of chess but with more battle options opening new strategies.

The board has several types of pieces, each with its own move speed that allows it to move between 1-3 blocks in any direction per turn. Each piece can also launch an attack either ranged or melee. You’re allowed two attacks per turn, but their damage is varied based on a random success rate.

The addiction of ranged attacks really changes the game from a strategy standpoint because while it makes it more difficult to run, it also makes it easy to be distracted and blocked in.

Centurion is a pretty fun game if you have someone to play against, but there is a computer as well. It certainly takes board games to a different level.

Battleship – The Tactical Game

Battleship just hit the iPad, and got a difficulty boost.

This rendition of Battleship looks great on your iPad, but thats not all it is. This version of Battleship takes the strategy to a new level by not showing you precisely where you’ve hit a ship. You’ll only know where on the ship, and what turn, while the location on the board remains a secret.

You also set multiple bombs per turn, so it becomes even more important to coordinate your attacks as you try to find the enemy’s ships. This definitely upped the anty and made me step back and think pretty hard about strategies for placement.

My Activities

My Activities is a todo list that lets you reward yourself along the way.

When entering items on your activity list, you also assign values. As you check off these activities you’re awarded the value. A second list within the app allows you to create rewards with assigned values. You can’t check off these rewards unless you have completed enough activities.

Its still takes a bit of discipline, but this is a great app to help you balance what you need to get done, with what you want to get to do.

Bounce It Up!

Bounce It Up captured my attention for a long time. It has successfully taken a very simple, played out idea, and added challenging unique levels.

Bounce It Up is just a simple tap to juggle style game. However it spices it up by adding simple goals to meet and stars to collect with each level. Then it begins introducting obstacles you can bounce the ball off. These obstacles can be a blessing or a curse depending on your tapping accuracy.

In this case, playing on tap to juggle game, does not mean you’ve played them on. Give this one a try! :]


HushBox helps you keep track of everything you want in one easy to manage wishlist.

Simply snap a picture of what you want, enter a bit of meta data like a title and maybe some sizes for clothing, and its added to your wishlist.

As your wishlist grows you can share it, or portions of it, with select people. A great way to make sure you don’t end up with tube socks for Christmas from the relatives who don’t know you really want an awesome book. ;]

Breach Racer

Breach Racer is a classic sidescrolling race-against-the-clock game with some crazy ragdoll physics.

Breach Racer is one of my favorite types of games. So when I play one, I’m often taken back to the many I’ve tried over the years. Breach Racer did not dissappoint.

Breach Racer features some cool ragdoll physics as you jet from start to finish racing against the clock. There are quite a few tracks to try out, each with some unique obstacles.

Controls are simple and out of the way. Tilt to pop wheelies, tap right to go forward, left to go backward. Couldn’t be simpler, now go give it a try. ;]


Need a quick and easy tip calculator? Tipiiz is it.

Tipiiz makes tip caluclation very easy. Just input an amount, and then you can select any of the three spinners. Spinners include tip percentage, amount, and total. If you adjust any of the three spinners the other spinners will follow. This is great for rounding tips to the next whole dollar.

There is even a cool tax deduction feature, so you can type in the total of your receipt and not worry about tipping on tax. And Tipiiz will even let you split the bill and pay the tip only on your portion.


Goalies is an original game that reminds me of classic arcades.

Its simple, a hockey player takes a shot that you have to block. Its front on, so the shot comes straight at you. Just drag your finger to block the shot. It takes reflexes, and finger-eye coodination haha.

Its very addicting, yet extremely simple. I made it to 27 goals, Beat that >:]

Photo Calendar & Drawings for iPad

Photo Calendar & Drawings for iPad is a great app for a coffee table iPad shared by your family.

This app is definitely one of those, “I wish I thought of that” apps. Its so simple, yet such a fantastic idea. It simple features a calendar, when each day gets a blank canvas to draw on. You can draw/write whatever you like in a variety of pen types and colors. You can even add photos from the camera or photo library.

This app is just like those whiteboards with permenant calendars in the background. Its perfect for quick notes and appointment tracking. A family could even use it with each member using a different color. Or you could color code your own lists for work and play.

iFunnyFaces HD

Have you often wanted to hide in plain sight with a good ole set of moustache glasses? What about a tuxedo?

Well this app can help you spruce up your digital life with some easy to apply clipart for all your photos. Simply choose a photo, and get to work. There is a large library of different types of stamps ranging from faceware to full suits. I personally think I look pretty good with a nice leather jacket.

After you’re done, its easy to share with friends or save it for later.

Honorable Mentions

Here are the apps that didn’t get reviewed. Remember it wasn’t a popularity contest or even a rating contest. Forum members got priority among other factors. Your apps were great and I’m sorry we didn’t have time to review them all!

Bat Snack

Colorado DOT Traveller and Traffic All-In-1


Dial – The Best Way To Call

Divine Grace

Draw & Paint – Drawing and Coloring for Kids, Games for Boys and Girls



Gangnam Style Or Harlem Shake? – Addicting Game Which Tests Your Reflexes!

Jack Invaders

MemeMe for iPhone

Number Sea

NUMEROLOGY – The Pocket Numerologist – Name and Birthday Meaning with Predictions




Tube Music – Watch your music

Unofficial Guide to SummerStage 2013

Yet Another Solitaire

Where To Go From Here?

As always, I really enjoyed your apps! Keep up the awesome work everyone. And if you’re reading this thinking, “I wish I could build a great app/game”. You’re in luck! Check out our free tutorials! What are you waiting for, I want to see your app or game next month!

If you’ve already used our tutorials in an awesome app or game, I want to know! Submit here!

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