Video Tutorial: How To Make a Game Like Flappy Bird Part 4: Keeping Score

Learn how display a “juicy” scoreboard screen including social sharing in this tutorial that shows you how to make a game like Flappy Bird.


Your challenge is to:

  • Add a “tutorial screen” before the game begins, using the “Tutorial” and “Ready” sprites
  • The initial state should be GameStateTutorial; when the user taps you should switch to GameStatePlay
  • Be sure to create switchToGame and switchToPlay methods
  • Hint: If you’re doing it right, there shouldn’t be any setup calls in initWithSize:delegate: anymore!

The artwork in this game is by Mike Berg at weheartgames.com. He’s a great guy, highly recommended btw! :] Note that you have permission to use the code from this game in your own apps, but you do not have permission to use the artwork.

Download demo starter

Download demo finished

Download challenge finished

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