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Creating Tiles for Wear OS

Jun 8 2021 · Video Course (31 mins) · Beginner

Learn how Wear OS Tiles are different from regular Android layouts, how to implement your own Tile and handle user interactions.


  • Kotlin 1.5, Android 8, Android Studio 4.2

Creating Tiles for Wear OS

Find out what Wear OS Tiles are. Learn about the best practices and the components that make up a Tile.


Set up the manifest and register the service. Also, create a debug Activity to test the Tile.


Learn about different layout types and use them to implement the container of the Tile’s layout.


Learn about the different steps involved in adding images to the Tile.


Use multiple modifiers to tweak the appearance of the elements used in the Tile.


Add click listeners to the buttons and modify the glass count accordingly. Redraw the Tile after each click and display the updated data.


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Who is this for?

This course is for Android developers who are interested in extending their app’s experience to Android Smartwatches running Wear OS.

Covered concepts

  • How Watch OS Tiles are different from Android layouts
  • Adding Text and styling it
  • Add Image Resources to the Service
  • Displaying Images and tweaking their appearance
  • Handling Click Events