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Google I/O First Impressions Livecast

If you missed our Google I/O First Impressions livecast last night, featuring our most opinionated Android team members, you can catch the replay here!

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Hopefully you enjoyed the Google I/O Keynote presentations yesterday — we certainly did! Exciting times ahead!

To discuss the day’s events, we assembled a top-notch group of experienced raywenderlich.com Android team members to share their thoughts about what came out of Google I/O this year:

  • Dru Freeman, podcast host
  • Nishant Srivastava, podcast season host
  • Victoria Gonda, Android team member
  • Fuad Kamal, Android team member
  • Subhrajyoti Sen, Android team member

This opinionated, chatty group sat down last night and shared their thoughts on all the latest news and outcomes from Google I/O 2021.

Google I/O 2021 Livecast Replay

In case you missed it, you can catch the replay of the livecast from last night right here:

Where to Go From Here?

Check in with raywenderlich.com over the next week or so, as we’ll have some more updates for you about the content of Google I/O and how it affects you as a developer.

But I’d like to know: what are you most excited about — or most skeptical about — of what Google announced this year at Google I/O? Leave your comments below!

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