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Xcode6-Beta5 Swift Tutorial Updates

Our Swift tutorials are now fully updated for Xcode6-beta5. Check to see what changed!


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Good news – we’ve updated all of our Swift tutorials and other posts to Xcode6-beta5!

Here’s what’s we updated:

The rest of the Swift tutorials have been confirmed to work on Xcode6-beta5 with no changes required.

What Changed?

For the most part, updating everything was pretty straightforward – mostly related to the following changes:

  • No longer being able to use optionals in boolean statements (i.e. must compare to nil explicitly)
  • No longer being able to use += to append an item to an array
  • Sometimes having to put override in front of initializers, or required initializers
  • Casting to NSString rather than using bridgeToObjectiveC()
  • Some type/protocol name changes

For a nice roundup of Xcode6-beta5 changes, check out the release notes and this handy post.

Where To Go From Here?

We’ll do our best to continue to keep things up-to-date until things finally settle down with the GM release.

It’s definitely been a challenge dealing with all these changes – especially with our upcoming books. :]

We’re just doing our best to try to keep everything up-to-date and functional for you guys, we hope it helps!

If you notice any issues we missed, please let us know so we can keep everything functional. Thanks!




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