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Deep Links in Android

Feb 1 2022 · Video Course (18 mins) · Intermediate

In this course, learn how to use deep links to redirect users to a specific destination inside your app. After you complete it, you’ll be able to create a feature that can be helpful in marketing or user engagement, and which moves user experience to whole other level.


  • Kotlin 1.6.0, Android 12, Android Studio Arctic Fox

Using Deep Links & Intent Filters

This episode includes the base information you need for understanding how deep links work. Learn what parts does a deep link contain and how to differentiate all of them. Then meet possible actions when clicking a deep link.


In this episode, find out what are intent filters and why are they needed when creating a deep link. Also meet what types of intent filters exist and where to put them inside your code. Then, find out how to handle receiving an intent.


Now that you know the theory, it’s time to learn how to create and test a deep link.


Now that you know how to create deep links, it’s time to learn how to get data from them.


Firebase Dynamic Links

In case users don’t have your app installed, you need a way to provide access to your app so that they can simultaneously continue with the work. This leads to the usage of a Dynamic Link introduced by Firebase developers. It will redirect them to the installation page of your app inside the Play Store.


In this episode, learn which dependencies you need to add for Dynamic Links and how to handle successful and failed responses when your app receives a dynamic link request.


In this episode, learn the analytics that Firebase Console has for your dynamic links and how you can utilize this analytic information.


In this episode learn how to avoid multiple activity instances in the back stack created by invoking deep links multiple times.


Who is this for?

This tutorial is for intermediate Android developers who want to know how to redirect users to a specific destination inside an app by clicking an URL.