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Bubble Notifications in Android
Part 1: Bubble Notifications in Android Bubbles & Conversations
— Android & Kotlin

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Bubbles & Conversations

Prerequisites for this course are Android Studio 4, Kotlin 1.4 and either a physical device that can run Android 5 (API 21) or above, or an emulator with the same support. This tutorial assumes you have basic knowledge of Kotlin and Android. If you’re new to Android, check out our Android tutorials.

The most important thing an Android phone does is connect people. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could feel like the people you want to talk to are right there with you? Android 11 has spectacular new features to help developers and users do just that. In this episode you are going to learn about the difference between regular notifications and conversation notifications. You are also going to learn about bubbles and the advantages they offer for sharing and multitasking.