iOS Animation with Swift Video Tutorial Series Updated for Xcode 6.1.1

Our popular iOS Animation with Swift video tutorial series is now fully up-to-date for Xcode 6.1.1!


This is just a quick note to let you know that Marin Todorov has updated his popular iOS Animation with Swift video tutorial series to Xcode 6.1.1.

Specifically, Marin updated all of his sample projects to Xcode 6.1.1. He found that most of the changes were minor, related to the recent refactorings Apple has done with their API calls and whether they take optionals or implicitly unwrapped optionals.

This update is important to note, because the series was originally developed before Xcode 6 was out of beta, so took a fair bit of work to update. We’re doing our best to keep things up-to-date for everyone with this and our other written and video tutorials!

Marin and I would like to extend a huge thanks to all subscribers for supporting these videos, and we’ll definitely keep them coming! :]