WatchKit by Tutorials Now Available!

Our new book WatchKit by Tutorials is now available for download!


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We are very happy to announce that WatchKit by Tutorials is now available for download!

If you already ordered the book, you can download it now on your My Loot page.

WatchKit by Tutorials teaches you everything you need to know to make your own apps for the Apple Watch.

It starts out with the basics, covering making your first WatchKit app and the new WatchKit UI controls and layout system. It then moves into more advanced topics, like notifications, handoff, sharing Core Data stores and other types of data, and more.

Note the PDF version is available now, but we are waiting to release the print version until WatchKit is out of beta.

Currently, WatchKit by Tutorials and our other new Swift book iOS Animations by Tutorials are for sale, as part of our Spring Swift Bundle. The price will be going up at the end of the week, so grab the discount while you still can!

We hope you enjoy WatchKit by Tutorials, and look forward to some great WatchKit apps from you!

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