Spring Swift Fling Bonus Giveaway: Swift Summit Conference Tickets!

Win a chance at a free ticket to the upcoming Swift Summit conference in London!

As part of our Swift Spring Fling celebration, we are running a giveaway where some lucky readers will win a free copy of our new Swift books.

But that’s not all – today we’re happy to announce that we’re going to have a second bonus giveaway!

The organizers of the upcoming Swift Summit conference in London were kind enough to offer 2 free tickets to readers of this site.

This conference is focused on Swift development by the organizers of the Swift San Francisco and Swift London meetup groups. Both authors of Swift by Tutorials will be there – Colin Eberhardt and Matt Galloway!

Swift Summit Cofounder Beren Rumble describes the conference as the following: “A lot of the speakers have been exploring Swift since the announcement at last year’s WWDC. We’re trying to take the best bits of knowledge from each of them, and share it with attendees in a 2 day briefing so they can ‘Get up to Speed on the State of Swift’.”

If you’re interested in getting a free ticket to this conference, simply comment on this post – we will choose a lucky winner at the end of the Swift Spring Fling, this Friday.

Please comment on this post only if you can travel to London and can definitely attend on 21-22 March.

A big thanks to the organizers of the Swift Summit for donating these tickets, and we hope you all enjoy the conference! :]