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Implicit Flutter Animations

Jan 7 2021 · Video Course (1 hr, 10 mins) · Beginner

Create delightful user experiences by learning how to add implicit animations to your Flutter apps.

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  • Dart 2.8, VS Code 1.48

Animation Fundamentals

Get introduced to the concept of animations and see Flutter's approach to creating animations.


Understand implicit animations and learn how to use them in your app.


See how curves affect our animations and make our motions more realistic.


Learn how to use the Tween Animation Builder widget when the built-in implicit animations don't fulfil your needs.


Implicit Animations In Action

Use the Animated Container and Animated Opacity widget to animate a social share button.


Use the knowledge of animations to affect how a pageview item animates in and create an indicator animation.


Learn how to add form interactions that triggers a credit card flip animation using the TweenAnimationBuilder.


Learn how to animate selected items from a list using the Animated Container and Animated Default Text Style widgets.


Work with the AnimatedSwitcher widget and learn about the importance of keys while animating.


Work with the Animated Positioned widget and Global Keys to create a dynamic position animation for the selector widget.


Learn about when the best scenarios are to use implicit animations and see how the animations we built pass these tests.


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Who is this for?

Flutter developers who understand the basics of UI widgets in Flutter and want to learn how to add interactions and animations to their apps.

Covered concepts

  • Implicit Animations
  • TweenAnimationBuilder
  • Curves
  • Keys in Flutter
  • Custom Animation for Existing Widgets
  • 3D Transform Animations
  • Performance Optimizations
  • Animation Tips
  • Understand when to use Implicit Animations