iOS 8 by Tutorials Updated for Swift 1.2!

Our popular book iOS 8 by Tutorials is now fully updated for Swift 1.2 – learn how to get your copy!


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Good news – the iOS 8 by Tutorials Team has updated iOS 8 by Tutorials for Swift 1.2!

As you may know, Swift 1.2 introduced some new syntax, such as an improved if let statement, and revised usage of as vs as! vs as?. To learn more about these changes, check out our What’s New in Swift 1.2 overview.

In this update, the team has updated all chapters and sample code to use the new Swift 1.2 syntax, and have also fixed some of the errata reported on the forums.

Here’s how you can get the update:

  • If you’re an iOS 8 by Tutorials PDF customer, you can download the update for free on your My Loot page (version 1.5).
  • If you’re an iOS 8 by Tutorials Print Version customer, you can find the updated source code at the URL given in the introduction of the book.
  • If you don’t have the iOS 8 by Tutorials yet, grab your copy now!

We hope you enjoy this update!