raywenderlich.com at Pragma Conference 2015

We’re a proud sponsor of #Pragma Conference 2015, held this October in Florence, Italy. Read on for more details and a discount code for raywenderlich.com readers!

This is just a quick note to let you know that we are one of the proud sponsors of Pragma Conference 2015, this October in Florence, Italy.

This year, Marin Todorov, author of iOS Animations by Tutorials, iOS Games by Tutorials, and many other books, will be there giving an awesome 6-hour workshop called Power Up Your Animations.

Also, the organizer of Pragma Conference, #pragma mark, has been kind enough to set up a 15% off discount for all raywenderlich.com readers. To get it, just order a ticket with the discount code PRAGMACONF-RAY15.

Also stay tuned for our official raywenderlich.com conference, RWDevCon, which comes next February! :]