Swift Algorithm Club: November Digest

Kelvin Lau


The Swift Algorithm Club is an open source project to implement popular algorithms and data structures in Swift.

We thought it would be useful to periodically give a status update with how things are going with the project.

New SAC Team Member

I’d like to officially announce our newest member of the SAC team, Vincent Ngo!

Vincent Ngo is a writer, guitarist, and developer. After graduating from Virginia Tech, he continued to work with iOS development from an array of companies like Mindsense, IBM, and now Capital One. After work hours, he occasionally writes tutorials for raywenderlich.com.

When Vincent is not at work, he enjoys coding for fun, playing video games, enjoying time with family and friends, and golfing. With hard work and dedication, he hopes to one day become a golfer good enough to participate in small tournaments.

We’re excited to have Vincent on board, and he’ll be helping out with tutorials and repo management.

Swift 3 Migration

Our Swift 3 migration is coming to a close. So far, 52 of the 72 algorithms have been converted to Swift 3. Migration has generally been quite straightforward – it’s just the process of:

  • Making sure the playground compiles correctly
  • Making sure README.md file reflects the updated playground
  • Incorporate the new Swift API design guidelines in terms of naming of methods

Want to help out? It’s a great way to learn about algorithms and Swift 3 at the same time. If so, check out our Github issue and sign up!

Where To Go From Here?

The Swift Algorithm Club is always looking for new members. Whether you’re here to learn or here to contribute, we’re happy to have you around.

To learn more about the Swift Algorithm Club, check out our introductory article. We hope to see you at the club! :]

Kelvin Lau

Kelvin is a Swift Developer. He currently maintains the Swift Algorithm Club. In his free time, he dabbles in web development and server side Swift.

Outside of programming work, he's an aspiring entrepreneur. You can find him on his twitter at @KelvinlauKL

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