6 Free macOS Tutorials Now Updated For Swift 3

Michael Briscoe


As you may have noticed, we’ve recently updated a ton of tutorials to Swift 3: 27 iOS tutorials, and 8 Swift tutorials.

Well, we didn’t want poor macOS to feel neglected, so we updated a bunch of macOS tutorials too. :]

Today the macOS Team and I are happy to announce that we’ve updated 6 macOS tutorials to Swift 3, and more are on the way! And even better – these updates are free and available today.

Let’s dive in.

macOS Tutorials Updated For Swift 3

Cocoa Bindings on macOS Tutorial

  1. Cocoa Bindings on macOS by Andy Pereira – Cocoa bindings have a simple goal: write less code. Learn how to create links between the model and the view controller with Interface Builder.

NSOutlineView on macOS Tutorial

  1. NSOutineView on macOS Tutorial by Jean-Pierre Distler – Discover how to display and interact with hierarchical data on macOS.

Scanner Tutorial for macOS

  1. Scanner Tutorial for macOS by Hai Nguyen – Use Scanner to analyze strings from natural form to computer languages. Here you’ll learn how to extract information from emails.

Command Line Programs on macOS Tutorial

  1. Command Line Programs on macOS Tutorial by Jean-Pierre Distler – Discover how easy it is to get started making your own terminal-based apps.

Core Graphics on macOS Tutorial

  1. Core Graphics on macOS Tutorial by Ernesto García – Learn how to build a great disc info app for macOS using Core Graphics to draw charts.

Making a Mac App Scriptable Tutorial

  1. Making a Mac App Scriptable Tutorial by Sarah Reichelt – Allow users to write scripts to control your macOS app – giving it unprecedented usability.

Where to Go From Here?

Even with all of these macOS tutorials that use Swift 3, it’s only the beginning. We’ll be releasing a new macOS tutorial each and every month: fully compatible with Swift 3!

Thanks to all of the authors for updating their tutorials, and thanks to you for reading this site – stay tuned for more new Swift 3 tutorials each and every week.

As always, if there’s something you’d like to see a tutorial for, or if there’s an old favorite tutorial you’d like to see updated, please drop me a note! :]

Michael Briscoe

Michael is an Independent Software Developer with over 30 years of programming experience. Learning BASIC on a Commodore 64 way back in 1984, he's been hooked on coding ever since. He enjoys creating simulations and games for all Apple platforms.

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