TDD, and WWDC ’16 – Podcast S05 E12

Mic Pringle
test driven development

Interested in test driven development? Find out more in this episode!

Join Mic, Jake, and Andy as they discuss the benefits of test driven development, before moving on to speculate about what Apple might reveal at WWDC ’16.

This is the final episode of season five, but worry not as the podcast will return on June 8th.


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Show Notes

Test Driven Development

WWDC ’16

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Where To Go From Here?

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Mic Pringle

Mic Pringle is a developer first and foremost, but regularly turns his hand to book and tutorial editing, video tutorial making, and hosting the official podcast. Mic is 1/6th of Razeware, the team behind An iOS developer by trade, Mic has recently found himself dabbling in Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript.

When not knee-deep in code, Mic enjoys spending time with his wife Lucy and their daughter Evie, watching his beloved Fulham F.C., and weather permitting, tearing up the English countryside on his Harley Davidson.

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