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iOS Animations by Tutorials Updated for Xcode 7.3

Our popular book iOS Animations by Tutorials is now fully up-to-date for Xcode 7.3 and Swift 2.2!

Another wild update appears! Today, we’re happy to announce that Marin Todorov has updated his popular book iOS Animations by Tutorials for Xcode 7.3.

Xcode 7.3 has a few small changes to Swift – mostly minor syntax things – but we wanted to make sure that all the instructions work without any issues.

In addition to updating the book for Xcode 7.3, we’ve fixed some errata pointed out by readers – thanks all!

This is a free update for existing PDF customers. Here’s how you can get your copy:

  • If you’re an iOS Animations by Tutorials PDF customer, you can download the update for free on your My Loot page (version 2.1).
  • If you haven’t picked up a copy of iOS Animations by Tutorials yet, grab your copy now.

We’re hard at work updating the rest of our Swift books for Xcode 7.3 – stay tuned.

Marin and I hope you enjoy this update!




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