Java for Android Cheat Sheet and Quick Reference

Darryl Bayliss

Download your free copy of the Java for Android cheat sheet and quick reference now!

Java is a complex language, but getting started with it can be pretty simple. When you’re getting going it can be challenging remembering the syntax for common operations, so we’ve put together a downloaded PDF Java for Android chest sheet and quick reference.

This includes some examples that will enable you to quickly get up to speed with writing Java if it’s the first time you’ve written it, or you’re just a little rusty.

Without further ado, here is the download link:

It summarizes the most important Java syntax on one page to get you up to speed quickly, including:

  • Class Implementation
  • Methods
  • Creating/Using an Object
  • Declaring Variables
  • Control Flow
  • String Quick Examples
  • Array Quick Examples
  • Dictionary Quick Examples

Hopefully this free PDF will be useful as you start writing your first Android apps. If you’d like to learn more about the differences between standard Java and Java for Android, check out this Java for Android post!

Darryl Bayliss

Darryl Bayliss is a Software Engineer from Liverpool, currently focusing on Mobile Development.

Away from programming he is usually reading, writing on his blog or playing some fantastical video game involving magic and dragons.

Feel free to say hello on Twitter or check out his coding scribbles on GitHub.

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