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Apple Augmented Reality by Tutorials: New Chapters Available!

We’re excited to announce that Apple Augmented Reality by Tutorials has three new chapters available on RealityKit, Face Tracking and Facial Blending!


  • Swift 5, iOS 13, Xcode 11

We’re excited to announce that Apple Augmented Reality by Tutorials has three new chapters available!

Creating great apps with augmented reality shouldn’t be hard! This book is the easiest and fastest way to get hands-on experience using Apple AR frameworks and technologies like Reality Composer, RealityKit, and ARKit.

If you want to build realistic and immersive AR experiences for the Apple platform, this book has everything that you need!

Our previous AR book, ARKit by Tutorials, was a collection of ARKit-specific projects for creating various real-world AR experiences. That book also had a focus around SceneKit as the primary rendering technology.

Apple Augmented Reality by Tutorials was developed after Apple announced RealityKit and Reality Composer. Instead of only focusing on one rendering technology, we now teach all the available rendering technologies Apple has to offer. This not only includes the new RealityKit, but also SceneKit and SpriteKit too. The book includes a collection of fresh new projects for creating various real-world AR experiences.

This book is a successor to ARKit by Tutorials, not an update to that book. Apple Augmented Reality by Tutorials provides the readers with a single, unified path to all of Apple’s available AR technologies that includes ARKit, RealityKit and Reality Composer.

This book is currently out in early-access release, and we’ve added three new chapters!

What’s New in This Release?

The second early-access edition of Apple Augmented Reality by Tutorials includes:

  • Chapter 9: RealityKit: Find out how to set up and use RealityKit to build a face- based augmented reality app.
  • Chapter 10: Face Anchors: Discover how you can use face anchors and face occlusion to track a user’s face and apply a virtual mask.
  • Chapter 11: Facial Blend Shapes: Build a fully interactive augmented reality face mask that reacts to your facial expressions using blend shapes.

Create an animated mask that you can control with your eyes, brows and mouth — and, yes, even shoot lasers from your eyes!

We’ve got more chapters underway that cover topics such as:

  • Raycasting & Physics: Learn about raycasting, 2D hit-testing and the SpriteKit physics engine as you add more features and functionality to your game.
  • ECS & Collaborative Experiences: Build a collaborative AR experience and learn how to create and manage a multipeer connection.
  • Plane Anchors & Focus Nodes: Discover how to detect, manage and use plane anchors and focus nodes. Learn how to enable environmental mapping and add lights and shadows.
  • AR Coaching Overlay & Billboards: Learn what it takes to add and use coaching overlays and billboards to your app for the purpose of helping onboard new users.

After reading this book, you’ll have a deep understanding of the technologies and frameworks used to create powerful, immersive AR experiences for the Apple platform.

About the Author

Chris Language is the author of this book. Chris is a seasoned coder with 20+ years of experience, and the author of 3D Apple Games by Tutorials. He has fond memories of his childhood and his Commodore 64; more recently he started adding more good memories of life with all his Apple devices. By day, he fights for survival in the corporate jungle of Johannesburg, South Africa. By night he fights demons, dragons and zombies! For relaxation, he codes. You can find him on Twitter @ChrisLanguage Forever Coder, Artist, Musician, Gamer and Dreamer.

Where to Go From Here?

This book is available as part of our early-access program; when you buy the book now, you’ll receive a free update when the book is available in full! Get it now for just $49.99 — that’s $10 off!

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