New Video Tutorial Series: Intermediate Swift 2

Ray Wenderlich
A Swift 2 update for the iOS 9 Feast!

A Swift 2 update for the iOS 9 Feast!

As part of this year’s iOS 9 Feast, we are releasing a new video tutorial series every Thursday.

Last week, we updated our popular 12-part Beginning Swift video tutorial series to Swift 2. Many of you were able to guess what’s coming next! :]

This week, we are happy to release a Swift 2 update to our Intermediate Swift series by Greg Heo.

In this update, Greg has refactored the materials to use playgrounds. That means you can learn the Swift 2 language without having to worry about platform-specific stuff, and then make the move onto iOS or OS X development when you’re ready.

The intermediate series goes deeper into the language with more advanced use of properties and methods, the type system, and generics. You’ll also learn about some exciting new additions in Swift 2 such as protocol extensions and the new error handling system.

All 12 parts of the series are available today. You can check them out here:

Now that both the Beginner and Intermediate Swift series have been freshly updated for Swift 2, there’s no excuse not to get up-to-speed with Swift if you haven’t already! :]

So what are you waiting for – check out the videos and dive into Swift 2! And be sure to come back next Thursday for another new video tutorial series.

Ray Wenderlich

Ray is part of a great team - the team, a group of over 100 developers and editors from across the world. He and the rest of the team are passionate both about making apps and teaching others the techniques to make them.

When Ray’s not programming, he’s probably playing video games, role playing games, or board games.

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