Flutter UI Widgets

Jul 21 2020 · Video Course (1 hr, 28 mins) · Beginner

Explore commonly used UI widgets in Flutter and see how they relate to their native iOS and Android conterparts.

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  • Dart 2.7, Flutter 1.12, VS Code 1.43

Get a brief overview of how flutter approaches UI creation using the declarative approach and how it compares to its native counterparts.


Learn about commonly used widgets that are essential building blocks in almost every app you create.


Build a card widget by comibining different layout widgets and learn how to use the Stack widget to lay widget on top each other.


Learn how to work with network and local images and see how assests and resources managed in Flutter apps.


Explore different widgets that are used to add scroll functionality to collections of widgets that are larger than the viewport.


Learn how to setup different Tab based layouts and integrate different screens with different views.


Learn how to use the FutureBuilder widget to display contents gotten from an asyncronous task like fetching data online.


Learn how to use themes to style your apps and switch styling based on whether the underlying OS is set to dark mode.


Add interactions and navigation to your app and learn how to use the CustomScrollView widget to add custom scroll effects with the use of slivers.


Explore different input widgets and learn how they can be combined to create beautiful forms in your apps.


Learn how to use different responsive widgets provided by Flutter to create responsive app UI.


Explore some of the iOS style widgets provided by Flutter and learn how they can be used in your apps.


Use cupertino based widgets to style form inputs that looks and feels native.


Take the existing material-based app and adapt it to fit cupertino design specification if the underlying platform is iOS.


Who is this for?

Flutter, iOS and Android developers seeking to learn about the UI widgets provided by the Flutter the framework. It is expected that you have knowledge of setting up a basic Flutter application before taking this course.

Covered concepts

  • Exploring common UI widgets
  • Comparing widgets to their native counterparts
  • UI widgets unique to Flutter