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Introducing RW Talks: First Talk Tomorrow!

We are starting free weekly livestreams on topics of interest to the mobile development community. Sign up here!

A long time ago, we used to run weekly online tech talks, where members of the raywenderlich.com Tutorial Team would give free online talks on topics they were interested in.

In the old days, we did these because we didn’t have any local meetups in the area. But now that that we’re all stuck at home, we thought it would be a great idea to bring these talks back, but in a new and improved way!

So today, I’m happy to introduce you to RW Talks: a weekly set of online talks that are 100% free for anyone to attend. And the first talk is tomorrow, by yours truly! :]

What Are RW Talks?

RW Talks are free weekly livestreams of talks by raywenderlich.com team members and the mobile development community in general.

These can be technical talks, or inspiration talks; the main goal is to be topics of high interest to the mobile development community. Basically, they’re like conference talks, but online.

You can interact with the speakers via Q&A on the livestream, or watch the recording later if you can’t make it.

The first talk is tomorrow, and we’ll be running one every week until Aug 12.

Tomorrow’s Talk: How To Run a Remote Company

Tomorrow at 6:00 PM EST, I’ll kick us off with the first talk, on How to Run a Remote Company.

Overnight, we’ve transitioned from remote working being a ‘rare treat’ to the ‘new normal’.

But as we’re all discovering, in order to run your company remotely (and successfully), you need new strategies, and new tools.

In this talk, I will share what I have learned running a remote company over the past 10 years, transitioning from a solo indie developer to a 17-person company (+ a team of over 250 part-time authors and editors).

We’ll discuss topics like:

  • The joy (and the challenges) of remote working
  • Dos and Don’ts of running a remote company
  • Learning to embrace asynchronicity
  • How to avoid interruptions and encourage deep work
  • Communication methods: which to use when?
  • The power of guides and documentation
  • How to run effective meetings in a remote environment

Along the way, we’ll have some interactive chat and polls, and so you and other attendees can learn from each other, so be ready to share! :]

You can register for the talk here:

Your Host: Dru Freeman

RW Talks is hosted by Dru Freeman, who you may recognize as the Lead Host of the raywenderlich.com podcast:

Huge thanks to Dru for stepping up to help us run this free event for the community! :]

Upcoming Talk Schedule

Here’s the schedule for the upcoming talks in the next few weeks.

Click the links to register for any / all you are interested in:

  • Future of Mobile: Android/iOS, Flutter and Native by Nishant Srivastava, Kevin Moore, Joe Howard, and Kevin Galligan [REGISTER]
  • How To Build a SwiftUI Framework… and make it work with Swift Package Manager, Cocoapods, and Carthage! by David Okun [REGISTER]
  • Increase Your Product Quality Through Accessibility by Victoria Gonda: [REGISTER]
  • Everything You (Never) Wanted to Know about Making Coffee at Home by Marin Benčević: [REGISTER]
  • Writing Reliable Tests in iOS by Mani Ramezan: [REGISTER]
  • MVVM Structure with Android Architecture Components by Evana Margain Puig: [REGISTER]
  • Event driven programming in Swift; Let’s create a chatbot! by Jari Koopman: [REGISTER]
  • You’re Not As Good As You Think You Are by David Sherline: [REGISTER]

And there’s more to come: we’ll be running these weekly until Aug 12!

Open Call for Speakers

If you’re interested in giving a talk, we are currently accepting proposals for talk topics!

To submit a talk proposal, please email me with answers to the following questions:

  • Please tell me a little about yourself.
  • Why are you interested in giving this talk?
  • Please describe your talk in a way that makes it seem catchy to a prospective attendee.
  • What style is your talk? (Choose an option from the list below.)
    • A standard technical talk like at a mobile conference, on a mobile development topic
    • An interactive tutorial meant for students to follow along with, like RWDevCon live tutorials
    • An inspiration talk like TED talks, or RWDevCon inspiration talks
    • A presentation on a topic of interest, even if it’s non-technical like remote working or technical writing tips
    • An interactive workshop with student engagement and breakout sessions
  • How long will you talk be?
  • When would you ideally like to give your talk?

Where To Go From Here?

I hope to see some of you at our upcoming live talks!

If you have any suggestions on talk topics, or any ideas of ways we can make this even more valuable for you, please let us know. :]

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