Swift by Tutorials Bundle

Swift by Tutorials Bundle

What’s Included

  • Hands-on tutorials
    Tons of tutorials
    Learn the latest iOS technologies and APIs the quickest and easiest way – via high quality tutorials!
  • Sample Projects
    Sample projects
    Get a head start on your app with tons of sample projects.
  • Forum Access
    Forum access
    Chat with authors and fellow readers in our official book forums!
  • Free Updates
    Free updates
    By purchasing the PDF version, you get any updates for free.
  • Who Are These Books For?

    Intermediate to Advanced Developers

    These books are for intermediate iOS developers who already know the basics of iOS development but want to learn the latest iOS APIs and technologies.

    If you’re a complete beginner to iOS development, you can follow along with these books as well because the tutorials are always in a step-by-step format. However, there may be some gaps in your knowledge, so you might want to go through the iOS Apprentice Series first.

  • Fully Up-to-Date

    Updated for iOS 7

    All three books are fully up-to-date for iOS 8, Swift and Xcode 6.

  • Swift by Tutorials

    Swift by Tutorials: A Hands-On Approach

    Learn Apple’s brand new programming language, Swift, the quick and easy way: via hands-on tutorials!

    Written by: Colin EberhardtMatt Galloway and Matt GallowayPietro Rea


    Here’s a detailed look at each chapter in the book:

    • Chapter 1, Language Basics 1: Variables, constants, types, equality, strings, control flow and more—get off the ground with the language essentials.
    • Chapter 2, Language Basics 2: Optionals and collections: more essentials that you’ll use in everyday Swift code.
    • Chapter 3, Classes & Structs: Data structures like classes and structs are at the heart of any object-oriented language. This is the first chapter where you’ll build a full-featured iOS app.
    • Chapter 4, Generics: In C++ it’s called templates; in Swift it’s called generics: Generic programming allows you to write an algorithm once and reuse it for multiple types. In this chapter, you’ll learn about generics by building a Flickr searching app.
    • Chapter 5, Functions & Closures: It’s hard to write code without using functions! Closures are a related topic. (Spoiler alert—in Swift, they’re just unnamed functions!)
    • Chapter 6, Enums & Switch Statements: Swift introduces extremely powerful enum types. Switch statements are crucial to unlocking their potential.
    • Chapter 7, Functional Programming: Functional programming is a popular topic right now—quite a departure from more traditional, imperative programming. Swift builds this paradigm right into the core of the language.
    • Chapter 8, Swift & Cocoa: 90% of iOS development is interfacing with the Cocoa frameworks—this remains true. This chapter illustrates how you will work with Cocoa in Swift; you’ll also see how bridging headers work so you can continue to use Objective-C code and libraries in Swift.
    • Chapter 9, Swift vs. Objective-C: Existing Objective-C developers will be wondering what’s different with Swift, or how to do their favorite things using Swift. In this chapter, you’ll re-implement an Objective-C app in Swift to compare and contrast the two languages.
    • Chapter 10, Language Quick Reference: As you’re coding your own Swift applications, you can refer back to this reference to remind yourself how something works.
  • Core Data by Tutorials

    Core Data by Tutorials: iOS 8 and Swift Edition

    Learn how to save your data in iOS apps using Core Data, Apple’s powerful object graph and persistence framework.

    Written by: Written by: Aaron DouglasAaron DouglasSaul MoraSaul MoraMatthew MoreyMatthew Moreyand Pietro ReaPietro Rea


    Core Data by Tutorials is currently still in development. Here is the tentative list of topics:

    • The Core Data Stack: Learn about all of the components of the Core Data stack: NSManagedObjectModel, NSPersistentStoreCoordinator and NSManagedObjectContext.
    • The Core Data Model Editor: Learn how to create Core Data models using the editor, including types, relationships, fetched properties and data validation.
    • Fetching, Updating, Saving and Deleting: Learn how to fetch, update, save and delete data using NSFetchRequest, NSSortDescriptor, faulting and uniquing.
    • NSFetchedResultsController: Learn how to use NSFetchedResultsController to easily display your data in table views, collection views and more.
    • Concurrency: Learn how to use Core Data in the background, including using parent-child NSManagedObjects and using different Core Data concurrency types.
    • Core Data and iCloud: Learn how to store your app’s data in the cloud with Core Data and iCloud integration.
    • Versioning & Migration: Learn how to upgrade and change your Core Data model over time with lightweight and heavyweight migrations.
    • Performance: Learn how to measure and improve the performance of your Core Data apps and manage the tradeoffs of speed versus memory consumption.
    • Core Data and Unit Tests: Learn how to effectively test your Core Data apps with XCUnit.
  • Swift by Tutorials

    iOS 8 by Tutorials: Learning the New iOS 8 APIs with Swift

    Learn about the new APIs in iOS 8, such as Adaptive UI, App Extensions and Cloud Kit!

    Written by: Soheil AzarpourRicardo CepedaTammy CoronSam DaviesMike KatzChris LoweVincent NgoCesare RocchiAudrey TamChris WagnerNick WaynikJack Wu


    iOS 8 by Tutorials is currently still in development. Here is the tentative list of topics:

    • Adaptive UI: Learn how to make your apps adapt to different screen sizes with Unified Storyboards, Size Classes, Traits and more.
    • Presentation Controllers, Transition Coordinators and UISplitViewController Changes: Learn how to present and animate your view controllers on multiple devices, using the same code.
    • App Extensions: Learn how to make extensions of all types, from Today, to Share, to Action, to Photo Editing and more.
    • Cloud Kit: Learn how to store your app’s data between multiple users with the new and powerful Cloud Kit framework.
    • Xcode 6 in Depth: Learn about new features in Xcode 6, like Playgrounds and View Debugging.
    • TestFlight Integration: Learn how to beta-test your app using the brand new TestFlight integration in Xcode.
    • Custom Controls in Interface Builder: Learn how to expose and configure your custom controls in Interface Builder.
    • Handoff: Learn how to pass the user’s current work between devices.
    • Scene Kit: Learn the basics of using Scene Kit from an app developer’s perspective.
    • Visual Effect (Blur) View and Vibrant Text: Learn how to easily add blur effects and vibrant text into your apps.
    • And much more…: From UIKit improvements to photo improvements to the Modern WebKit framework, there are many more goodies in store for you!

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File formats and delivery

The source code for each book comes as Xcode projects and the books come in PDF format. You can download each book on your My Loot page when it is available.

When will the books be released?

Swift by Tutorials is available now. iOS 8 by Tutorials will be available on 9/14, and Core Data by Tutorials will be available on 10/15.

What’s your refund policy?

We have a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee for the PDF version.


If you have any further questions that the above description hasn’t covered, feel free to ask a question in the forums and we’ll get to you as soon as possible!

What are you waiting for?

It’s critical as an iOS developer that you keep your skills up-to-date, and iOS 8 is one of the most ground-breaking releases yet due to its brand new programming language, Swift. Don’t get left behind!

Rather than bang your head against the wall trying to learn these topics by scouring boring API references, learn Swift and iOS 8 the easy way: via tutorials, in the style you know and love from this site!

So get your head out of the Cloud, Adapt your schedule to make some time to learn, and Swiftly Extend your fingers to the keyboard to order the Swift by Tutorials Bundle today! :]

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