We Need Your iOS Marketing Advice!

Ray Wenderlich
It's your chance to submit your advice, rants, and raves about iOS Marketing!

It's your chance to submit your advice, rants, and raves about iOS Marketing!

A while back, you guys said you wanted an article on “What to Do When Your App is Finished: Marketing and More”.

There a ton of great ideas and techniques people are using to market their apps. Rather than cover the subset we know about, we thought the best way to write this article was to get advice: from you!

Once everyone sends in their advice, Felipe Laso and Bart Jabobs are going to compile it together into an easy to digest article and share for everyone to benefit from.

But to do this, we need your help!

How Can I Help?

If you are an app developer who has released at least one to the App Store and has tried to market your app (whether successfully or unsuccessfully), we want to hear from you!

Just click this link to fill out the survey:

Responses are due this Sunday, Jan 15, so be sure to get your 2c in right away!

The more people respond and the more advice we get, the better this article is going to be! So please retweet and ask your friends to contribute as well!

Looking forward to a great article to help us all improve our marketing skills! :]

Ray Wenderlich

Ray is part of a great team - the raywenderlich.com team, a group of over 100 developers and editors from across the world. He and the rest of the team are passionate both about making apps and teaching others the techniques to make them.

When Ray’s not programming, he’s probably playing video games, role playing games, or board games.

User Comments


  • One important thing to remember

    Mobile app success and growth depends on internal user engagement through an ongoing communication.
    Appoxee provides tools and services for push-notifications, rich messages with in-app inbox and other communication services.

    Developers must take in consideration the "post download comma" almost every app encounters.

    Take a look at our blog and best practices on how to prevent just that.

  • Obviously the key to success is to get John Gruber to use and love your app.

    This is very similar to the advice a former bandmate's mother gave us: "You know what you should do to publicize your band? You should go on that David Letterman show."
  • i think nowadays it is rather common to use social media as a platform for marketing~

    and for communication ~

    personally i always add a personal touch to it so that the users can connect to it better

    which brings to the point of also writing a company/product blog
  • I recently created my first app and its in the app store now. I am really excited what technics there are cause i have no clue how to advertice an app..
  • Oops! Missed the deadline :).

    So much that's worth covering!

    But one thing that I could add that most developers don't think about is retention.

    Basically going in and finding the reasons why people stop using your app and plug those holes.

    The longer someone uses your app, the more likely they are to recommend it to friends or to make any back-end transactions (eg: In-App purchases).

    Heh. Another one is to create a formalised referral process - this one is important.

    Think how much bigger a reach you could have if you had for example -

    A formalised referral process whereby you offer a premium feature if they will just do something that helps spread the word, and you give them the options.

    These could include them emailing 2 of their friends (you would naturally automate this process from within app), or sending a twitter message to their friends about your app... or of course, a facebook like/message.

    Hmm... might as well share one more ;). And again, you won't find many app developers using this :P.

    You need to come up with a way to create an opt-in list for your users. A way by which you can reliably communicate with them.

    Think about it...

    Let's say you are about to launch a new premium version of your app, or you are about to release version 2 of your app or you have a new in-app purchase that would be of interest to your users.

    By having a mailing list, you can reliably reach them, even if they have stopped using your app!

    This is an especially powerful technique when combined with an apple 'boost up', as I like to refer to it when they feature your product.

    Coz, it's only a week down the track and you're back to not being featured :(. But! If you can use that time to gather email addresses, then you now have instant reliable contact with a revenue stream.

    Just please don't send them crap :), you want to give them value. Or they are just gonna unsubscribe.

    Another way to get some more eyeballs on your product, get those reviews you aren't getting, get a ton of 'constant contacts' (basically emails) is to make your app... free for a short time.

    Don't underestimate this strategy, especially for an app that is struggling to get exposure.

    And you see, if you think about it at a deeper level, all those free downloads are now people that are using your apps... and people know people. ;)

    I've used this personally just to get some free exposure for an app that had dropped in sales to only getting 30-50 downloads a day. Over 35,000 people downloaded it the next two days :).

    Not a bad marketing investment when your only cost is those lost sales.

    People like free. See what you can do to break-even on the front-end and create processes to build your income on the back-end on existing users.

    Coz at the end of the day, it's a hell of a lot cheaper selling to an existing user then it is to go hunting for new users.

    To your app success! :)

  • I generally e-mail blogs relating to the App(s) subject or use.

    For example with Haircaster, it was an app that allowed you to look up the weather and can tell you what the weather will do to your hair (Marketed at woman and hair specialists (sometimes some affeminate men :P)) So all I did was Google "Hair blogs" & "Hairdressing blogs" and the like, I then simply sent in promo codes and a description asking for a review. It worked out amazingly well! didn't spend a cent and it was my most successful paid app! (Over 100,000 downloads)

    Although it is time consuming (I suffered from low sleep in school and got detention for nodding off :S) it is by far a great method.

    Another thing I did was visit hairdressers and show them on my iDevice how it worked. Hairdressers get a LOT of customers and have in-depth conversations, All I needed to do was ensure them this app would change everything (Sounds like Apple huh? :)) and that was all... I had hundreds of potential downloads by only showing one person!

    This is really all the marketing I've done, as I don't have access to my own credit card (Only 16 and min age is 18 D:) I didn't bother with pay-per click adverts and facebook ads (which I here is amazingly targeted!!!)

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