Platformer and Beat ‘Em Up Game Starter Kits Now Available – and Giveaway!

Ray Wenderlich
New game starter kits now available!

New game starter kits now available!

A long time ago, Jake Gundersen and Allen Tan announced that they were working on two new iOS Game Starter Kits. Since then, we’ve been getting lots of questions about when they will be complete.

Well good news – both starter kits are now 100% finished and available for purchase! There are two new starter kits:

We’ve combined these two starter kits with my Space Game Starter Kit to make an epic starter kit bundle that will save you tons of time and money.

Keep reading to check out a video of the starter kits and enter to win a free copy!

About the Starter Kits

First things first, check out the games:

The starter kits include full source code for these games that you can use as starting points for your own projects.

But in our starter kits we believe in giving more than just source code – we also give you full epic-length tutorials on how to build the games yourself from scratch!

The tutorials for all three starter kits include over 650 pages of high quality tutorials. If you like the other game tutorials we have in this site, you will love these starter kits.

For more information about what’s in each starter kit, check out the store page.

Special Discount for Space Game Starter Kit Customers

Special discount for SGSK customers!

Special discount for SGSK customers!

Next is a special note for current Space Game Starter Kit customers – if you are not a customer, feel free to skip this section :]

Anyway – those of you who purchased the Space Game Starter Kit might wonder, “hey – can I get a discount?”

Indeed you can! To thank you for purchasing the Space Game Starter Kit, we have a special discount for you to upgrade to the full iOS Game Starter Kit bundle.

I have sent an email to all current Space Game Starter Kit customers with instructions on how to get the discount. If for some reason you did not receive the email, please contact me directly.

Note: This special discount is only for people who bought the Space Game Starter Kit prior to today, and is only good for one week from today.

The Giveaway

Last but not least, to celebrate the launch of Jake and Allen’s new starter kits, we are going to give away a free copy to two lucky readers!

To enter for the giveaway, simply comment on this post in the forums. There will be two winners:

  1. Most active forum member: Whoever posts on this and has the most overall comments in the forums will win a free copy, to thank you for being active on our forums.
  2. Random winner: We’ll use our trusty arc4random() to pick one other random winner from those who comment on this post!

Update 4/8/13: Forgot to say – the winners will be chosen in about 24 hours.

Update 4/9/13: We’ve announced the winners!

We hope you all enjoy the new starter kits – and don’t forget to check out the store page for more info!

Ray Wenderlich

Ray is part of a great team - the team, a group of over 100 developers and editors from across the world. He and the rest of the team are passionate both about making apps and teaching others the techniques to make them.

When Ray’s not programming, he’s probably playing video games, role playing games, or board games.

User Comments


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  • Awesome. You should keep making more starter kits
  • This looks like a great giveaway. I hope I can get this to jumpstart my adventures in ios game development !!

    Many thanks
  • These look AMAZING!
    My life would be complete if I owned this set!

    Won't be able to afford them for at least another while though unless the trusty arc4random() picks me!

    *Fingers crossed*

    Seriously though I've never failed to be impressed by this forum and the ebooks I've purchased. I've gone from a novice to pretty handy and I'm hoping to get my first app together by the end of the month! :)
  • The wait is killing me! How many times will it take me to refresh the page until the result comes? :D
  • Very nice start kits! I'd love to get my hands on those. :)
  • If those startup kits are as we'll written as the tutorials on this site, I'll be honored to win one (and possibly buy another one afterwards:))
  • Congrats to winners
  • On the page for the starter-kit pack it says if you want to learn Objective-C you should get Programming in Objective-C 2.0 when there is a newer version of this book updated for Xcode 4.5 and iOS 6 called Programming in Objective-C 5th Edition.
  • Dakikifr wrote:If those startup kits are as we'll written as the tutorials on this site, I'll be honored to win one (and possibly buy another one afterwards:))

    They are supposed to be better than the tutorials on this site
  • Man such a bummer to find out about this only days after actually getting my Mac Mini. Any plans to do another giveaway any time soon?
  • and the winner for the give away is me, is my comment a coincidence? I think not! but I dont't care! I Luv it!
  • I hope "Beat Em Up Game Starter Kit"'s cocos2d-x edition.
    And, I hope kit like megaman :>
  • wonderful kits, useful to me
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