Cocos2D Via Minigames Workshop Update!

Ray Wenderlich
Learn Cocos2D via Minigames!

Learn Cocos2D via Minigames!

A quick update and good news regarding the upcoming Cocos2D via Minigames workshop in Atlanta, GA!

We got a better deal on the hotel and food than expected, so we’re pleased to announce that we’re passing the savings onto you guys!

Ticket prices are just $399 now – and just $299 if you use the razeware Early Bird discount code!

The Early Bird discount code expires in about a week (Tuesday, May 24), so sign up now!

Rod, Shawn and I hope to see you guys there, and make some fun games together!

Ray Wenderlich

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User Comments


  • Please let us have the hotel info ASAP.
  • @Gravitation: We're currently debating between a couple places, including the Holiday Inn Express in Alpharetta-Roswell (right next to Atlanta near where Rod lives) and Strongbox West. We're waiting to see how many people sign up before making the final decision.

    Regardless of which we pick, the HI express would be close! So here's a link if it helps your planning: ... nce=6CBARC
  • OK we have a confirmed place for the workshop!

    It will be at the Hilton Garden Inn in Alpharetta, GA (right next to Atlanta).

    Hotel Website: ... cn=ATLALGI

    Google Maps: ... 5&t=h&z=16

    There are a block of rooms reserved - just mention that it's for the "iPhone Game Programming course".

    If you already reserved at the Holiday Inn Express, don't worry, the Hilton is right down the street from there. And if you need a ride one of us can pick you up just let us know! :]

    Let me know if you have any questions!

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