Vote for Your Favorite iOS Libraries!

Ray Wenderlich
Vote for your favorite iOS libraries!

Vote for your favorite iOS libraries!

In one of our recent weekly tutorial polls on the sidebar, you guys voted for us to write a tutorial about the “Top 10 Most Useful iOS Libraries to Know and Love.”

Tutorial Team member Marcelo Fabri is writing this article, and thought instead of just listing his own personal favorites, it would be better to get some input from others – such as you! :]

I recently sent out a couple Tweets asking for you guys to nominate your favorite iOS libraries, and Marcelo pulled out the most frequently nominated (non gaming) libraries from the list.

So now it’s vote time! You guys get to pick your “Reader’s Favorites”, which Marcelo will announce in the upcoming article.

Also, to make it fun, the top “Reader’s Choice” library winner will win an engraved plaque from all of us to thank them for writing such a popular library!

Choose up to 5 of your favorite libraries below, and please help spread the word about this vote!

Update: Write ins are OK if we’re missing one of your favorites – just comment in the forums!

Update: Poll is now closed – thank you to all who voted! We will announce the results soon.

Ray Wenderlich

Ray is an indie software developer currently focusing on iPhone and iPad development, and the administrator of this site. He’s the founder of a small iPhone development studio called Razeware, and is passionate both about making apps and teaching others the techniques to make them.

When Ray’s not programming, he’s probably playing video games, role playing games, or board games.

User Comments


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  • AFIncrementalStore and MagicalRecord please.

    Any library that simplifies Core Data should be discussed. Agree?
  • SVProgressHUD definitely needs added to the list! AFNetworking and MagicalRecord are always in my projects too!
  • Could you show the results please or at least the options? I am looking for a library to create custom UIMessages on popup and I believe I found it here, however I forgot to save it in my bookmarks. Does anybody know what the library is I am thinking of? Thanks in advance.
  • Hi,
    cant you post the list of options again. Because ive seen some interesting libaries but cant remember the names.
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