Core Data Tutorial Series Updated for iOS 5

Ray Wenderlich
Learn how to use Core Data in iOS 5!

Learn how to use Core Data in iOS 5!

This is just a quick note to let you guys know that our 3-part Core Data Tutorial Series has been fully updated for iOS 5!

This update was made by iOS Tutorial Team member and forum moderator Adam Burkepile. He added support for the latest iOS 5 APIs, such as Storyboards and ARC, and the new built-in Core Data model editor in Xcode.

In addition to updating the tutorials to iOS 5, Adam has also completely rewritten the second part of the series to demonstrate a more elegant way to preload a Core Data database by creating a Mac command line app that uses the same model.

While we’re on the subject of updating older tutorials on this site, are there any other tutorials in particular that you guys would like to see updated? If so, just drop me a note in the forums below!

Thanks, and Adam and I hope you enjoy the updated Core Data tutorial series!

Ray Wenderlich

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User Comments


  • Terrific!!

    The original Core Data tutorial was helpful but as you well know, it was getting a bit long in the tooth. I'm just reviving a long-stalled universal app that absolutely needs Core Data and have been struggling trying to make it compatible with iOS 5, Storyboard, etc. so I hope that this will go a long way toward improving my understanding and implementation.

    Thanks to all who are making this happen.
  • the link to the revised Core Data Series doesn't work... perhaps you could take a quick look?

    Many thanks in anticipation!

  • @andyBushey: Oops, sorry about that, fixed! :]
  • Can't wait to jump into core data - someday. I'm still learning a bunch of the basic stuff! Would love to see the iPad stuff updated - especially the split view using story boards.

    Rock on!
  • Guys, I have a question for you..
    If i want to change the first view in a Master-Detail app and add a simple view with a button to show the table, what i have to change in "application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions" in AppDelegate?
    I can't solve this.

    thanks a lot!
  • Hi,
    Thanks for the Core Data tutorials. I would like to see a tutorial how to update an app with pre-populated database. What i mean is that you have an ongoing app using pre-populated Core Data DB and you add more data in the database and then submit an update with the updated database.

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